Spunbond Face Masks

We have 2 Options available:
1. Double layer blue or black spunbond *mask fabric face masks R30 each

Note we can add a third layer to the double layer mask fabric too - the price will increase by R5

* mask fabric - spunbond is a nonwoven fabric made from 100% pure polypropylene. The unique technology used in its fabrication allows for equal strength in both machine and cross direction of the fabric. Spunbond is used in various applications like disposable diapers, hygiene and healthcare textiles such as face masks, filtration, etc.

The masks are reusable and washable by hand or machine. 

We have 3 different sizes, small, medium and large - the small is perfect for kiddies and most adults take a medium. 

Orders take up to 6 days dependent on our queue at the time.

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