Thai Style Buddha Head Wall Hanging - 36cm

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The Buddha Head statue is a powerful spiritual symbol providing inspiration to deepen your own practice of inner peace.

The Buddha head statue’s half-closed eyes represent a state of meditation, looking inward into the self as well as outward.

Buddhists do not actually worship Buddha and consider Buddhism a way of life and not a religion. They do not consider Buddha a god, but rather a human being who sought out, and achieved, enlightenment—freedom from suffering—and then bestowed his wisdom in the form of his teachings.

The Buddha head meaning evokes calm and serene energies, helping to create a tranquil space for setting intentions.

This Buddha head wall hanging is approximately

Dimensions        360 x 300 x 170 (h x w x d)

Weight               1.5 kgs

Soul Array exclusive product – Handmade in South Africa

Thai style Buddha head resin casts.

The colour may vary as this is hand painted.